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Hello, my name is Fili Wiese.

Fili Wiese: Google SEO consultant (Search Engine Optimization) and ex Google Search Quality team member (Google Alumnus) I am a SEO consultant and an ex Google Search Quality team member, expert in international and technical search engine optimisation, online marketing, on-page optimization, Google penalties and Google penalty recovery (e.g. backlink analysis and reconsideration requests).

In a nutshell: I help website owners to optimize their websites for search engines and to tackle manual actions (Google penalty) and algorithmic updates (e.g. Google Penguin and Google Panda).

Before starting as a SEO consultant, I tackled for seven years Web Spam on the Google Search Quality Team and Click Spam on the Google Ad Traffic Quality Team. In both teams I was a driving force in the external communication efforts, tools development, training and policy enforcement by compulsively pressing the famous red button.

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The official Google Logo, as when I (Fili Wiese) was working for Google Search Quality as a Google Search Quality Analyst and Google Senior Support Engineer in the Google Ad Traffic Team

Working for Google

Before I moved to Berlin, I worked at Google in Dublin (Ireland) for almost 7 years. The first 4,5 years at Google I was a search quality analyst on the Google Search Quality team, tackling web spam related issues and supported search quality efforts across all European languages and many non-European languages (e.g. Russian, Polish. Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Afrikaans, etc.), positively impacting and improving the daily Google search experience for millions of users across the world.

The last 2,5 years at Google I was working as a senior support engineer on the Google Ad Traffic Quality team (through big data analysis identifying and tackling click spam / click fraud related issues), protecting AdWords advertisers and AdSense publishers across all markets and all languages worldwide and spearheading Google’s communication efforts to AdWords advertisers regarding click spam related issues.

As I was also part of webmaster outreach efforts for most of my time at Google, you may have met or seen me on the official Google Webmaster forums and/or at industry and Google events where I have presented and/or participated in site clinics and panels, such as BrightonSEO, SMX Munich, OMCap, SEOktoberfest, SES Amsterdam, A4U Expo and Google Dublin Site Clinic. For more information, read “See Me Speak”.

Fili Wiese - Scuba Diving

In my spare time

I am totally passionate about web development, coding in Python, domaining, science fiction tv series, online marketing, inline skating and offline scuba diving (for example, in the murky waters of Ireland and the clear waters of the Caribbean).

Life before Google

I was born and raised in the friendly city Groningen (The Netherlands). Before joining Google Ireland I received my degree in information services and management (IDM) at the Hanze University in Groningen, I worked at several university libraries, I was an independent freelance web developer, I owned a web hosting company in the Netherlands and I volunteered at several local non-profit events. For more details connect with me on LinkedIn.

SEO Consultancy

I offer SEO Consultancy services from Berlin (Germany), together with , helping clients to optimize their websites for search engines and recover from Google penalties and Google algorithmic updates. If you want to hire Kaspar and me, please drop me a line through the form below: