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New Challenge in Ad Traffic Quality

This may be a little bit of a surprise to a few people (unless you recently looked at my Linkedin profile), but in the last few months I have been working on some new stuff within Google. After 4,5 years being part of the fantastic European Search Quality team in Dublin and being a Search Quality Analyst for most European markets, I decided it was time to take on a new challenge. So I recently joined the Google Ad Traffic Quality team as a support engineer.

This awesome team works very hard behind the scenes by tackling suspicious clicks, e.g. click fraud and invalid clicks, on AdWords ads and protects advertisers in the Google Ad network. This is somewhat similar as tackling webspam in the Google indexes, except in a different, exciting area and that is exactly why I decided to go this way. At my heart I am still an information specialist (a.k.a. a librarian) and I could not resist the urge to gain more knowledge regarding information retrieval and put that knowledge into practice by doing more programming while still helping our users (specifically our advertisers).

As a result, of my new responsibilities in the Ad Traffic Quality team, I had let go of most of my Search Quality responsibilities. So from now on I will still be available for search quality and webmaster related questions from anyone but I will most likely forward a large portion of the leads to my old team in who I have total trust they will be able to tackle it. Of course I always first recommend using the spam report in the Webmaster Tools to submit leads to us as we do look at those!

What does this mean for me in the foreseeable future regarding travelling and attending conferences? Well, in short I will still be helping out my Search Quality colleagues behind the scenes but I will most likely not be attending any conference myself any time soon. But please don’t despair, as I will be still around on BuzzTwitter and on this website, where I will continue to blog about webmaster and other related issues.

Last, but not least, I especially want to thank Matt Cutts, Brian White, Kaspar Szymanski, Pedro Dias, John Mueller and all my colleagues in the global Search Quality team for all the good times we had and all the stuff I learned. Luckily for me I still see my Search Quality colleagues every day as I am still in my old seat very close to them. Now it is time to get some swag and collectibles from my new team …

Hello Ad Traffic Quality!

photo credit: Kaspar Szymanski

New Challenge in Ad Traffic Quality by
About the Author

is a former member of the Google Search Quality team and the Google Ad Traffic Quality team. At Google, Fili spent 7 years hunting web spam and click spam, defining spam policies, educating webmasters and improving the quality of Google search results worldwide. From Berlin in Germany, Fili nowadays works at SearchBrothers.com as a SEO Consultant helping clients to optimize their websites for search engines and recover from Google penalties and Google algorithmic updates.


  1. All the best in your new role Fili from us all at a4u.

  2. All the best, Fili! Oh, and as a note from pedant’s corner: it’s AdWords, not Adwords :-P Enjoy the new job!

  3. Fili Wiese (brother) says:

    Well done! Will you be exercising your python skills at the new team?

  4. Hey Fili, well that’s a tough luck for al the people who are working on the darkside of PPC and sounds great for all the other advertisers. Have fun with your new challenges!

  5. @Matthew: Thanks, appreciate it :)

    @Tom: You are absolutely right, correcting it now ;) Thanks!

    @Fili: Among others yes ;) Also learning some Java now and other fancy stuff!

  6. Good luck with your new challenge, Fili. We will miss you around at the conferences though!

  7. @Roy: Thank you! ;)

    @Evert: I will miss the conferences also, but maybe I will find another way of attending. No promises yet though ;) Thanks!

  8. Hi Fili,

    The best of luck at your new job and with the challenges you will face. Hope you can spare me a few more dollars the next few years ;-)

  9. Congrats, Fili, sounds like a challenge which I think you’ll be enjoying. You’ll be missed around at Search Quality I’m sure, but the Ad Traffic Quality will go up as a result :)

    Thanks for your openness to the SEO community, both at conferences and through other media platforms.

  10. Congrats on the new position Fili! Good luck with helping to keep our PPC campaigns fraud-free. :)

  11. @Dennis, Eduard and Barry: Thanks a million :)