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Running Screaming Frog SEO Spider on the Google Cloud Servers

Last updated: January 26th, 2016 Screaming Frog SEO Spider is one of the few tools no SEO can do without. It’s unquestionably a superb crawler, until you start feeling its limitations. Does that situation sound familiar? Like running out of RAM when using Screaming Frog SEO Spider? And not being able to put more RAM […]

And so it continues… :)

After a successful start in Berlin and many exciting developments (such as the birth of my beautiful daughter Alia), a great opportunity knocked on my door and I decided to offer SEO consultancy together with Kaspar Szymanski (who just recently left the Google Search Quality team). As Head of SEO for Netlead and as Founder […]

And so it begins… :)

I am super excited to let you know that, after almost 7 years at Google Ireland, I decided to embark on a new adventure and move to Berlin, Germany. In a lot of ways working for Google is like being at university: continuously learning new skills (every single day!), living and working on the edge […]

Installing Gnome 3 on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin)

If you are reading this article, chances are that you have tried the Unity interface on Ubuntu. Although Canonical has done a great job with the development of Unity, some of us still prefer to use Gnome as a default GUI. In addition, the Gnome team has also done an excellent job improving Gnome and […]

SES Amsterdam, here we come!

Like previous years, I will be attending SES Amsterdam 2011 next week. I am joined by my colleagues Selina Choo and Christoffel Hiltermann from the Dutch Google Search Quality team. Together we will be present at the conference to answer webmaster and SEO related questions. On behalf of Google Search Quality I will be taking […]

Things to do in Ireland

And now for something completely different! Frequently I have colleagues, friends or family asking me what they could do while they are visiting Ireland. So I decided to share my favourite spots in this article. I have separated the activities/destinations you can do/visit within Dublin, around Dublin (often as day trips) and far outside Dublin […]

Tips of the Week

  Over the last months I have posted a number of tips on Twitter, hoping this would benefit my Twitter followers. As the number of retweets have increased I decided that publishing some of these tips here might also benefit you (the reader of this post), just in case you missed some or all of […]

Transitioning to a Google Apps account

  A few months ago I switched from my normal Google account ( to my Google Apps account ( I ran into a few snags along the way and I haven’t solved them all yet, however I thought it might be useful to share my experiences so far with my readers so you can consider […]

Android Apps Recommendations

Ever since Google handed me the first Android phone, the HTC Dream/G1, I have been playing with new Android apps. Only a few apps withstood the test of time and remained on my Android phones. Nowadays I primarily use these apps on my Google Nexus Galaxy S. In this article you will find a listing […]

Installing Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu

  Recently I started reading the Ruby on Rails Tutorial and needed to install the latest version of Rails on my Ubuntu machine. Although there are some good write ups on how to install Ruby on Rails on previous versions of Ubuntu, I found that these did not fully work for me while trying to […]